George E. Evans, Jr. DDS

George E. Evans, Jr. DDSBowie State University, BS Degree in Communications
Towson State University, Post Baccalaureate Certificate Program
University of Maryland School of Dentistry

The Dental profession and dentistry has been a way of life for me and my family. My father graduated from dental school when I was a young child, and established a very successful dental practice in Maryland called Dental Care of Baltimore!

As much as dentistry was a major part of our lives (and family livelihood), it was never assumed that I would follow my Dad’s career path. My parents gave me and my sister the freedom to pursue our own dreams separate from their own. Like many families, we shared and enjoyed some of the same interests or personal hobbies as our parents. They gave us many opportunities and experiences but at the same time allowing our individualities to flourish.

I began working with my father at Dental Care of Baltimore, as the business operations and office manager. As office manager, I was involved in every aspect of the practice, including insurance processing, patient coordination, billing, marketing, as well as closing patient treatment plans. This work experience and opportunity provided me with invaluable insight about myself and my personal skills and abilities. It became clear to me that dentistry is the profession that I was meant to pursue. Working alongside my Dad, becoming intimately familiar with patient treatment plans and procedures were a great learning experience. As well, frequent attendance at advanced dental technology and technique seminars was exciting. Quite frankly, I learned what it takes to run a successful dental practice and the importance of providing quality care to every single patient. More importantly, I have learned and experienced what it means to offer a service that can potentially change someone’s life.

After much soul searching and engaging in various career paths, I decided that it was finally time for me to do the obvious–join my father in his dental practice, an option that I never gave any serious thought or consideration.

My goal as a Dentist is to do my best to change patient’s reality about dentistry, and to assure them that good oral care can improve their quality of life. I am excited to have become a part of the Dental Care Team.