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Guided Dental Implant Surgery

CT guided surgery takes the guesswork out of dental implant surgery.

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Taking the Risk out of Restoring Your Smile

Dental implants have been around for decades, evolving over the years to become more effective and efficient. However, the placement of dental implants is still performed by hand. While manual placement of dental implants is still effective and successful, it requires a certain amount of calculated risk and unpredictability. If there is one thing you want your dental implant surgery to be, it is predictable. Dr. George Evans Sr., Dr. Kira Evans, and Dr. George Evans Jr., your dental implant dentists, use CT guided surgery to place dental implants, increasing the safety, accuracy, and efficiency of the procedure.

Image of a computerized CT Guided SurgeryDental Implant Guided Surgery

Our doctors use guided surgery software to safely and accurately place your dental implants, improving your outcome for successful implantation. Using a CT scan of your mouth, we design a highly-customized surgical guide to aid in our doctors’ surgical procedures. Each guide is made to fulfill the requirements of individualized, specific treatment plans prescribed by our doctors.

Benefits of CT Guided Surgery

  • Safety: The surgical guide takes the guesswork out of surgery. The dental drill cannot drill too deep. The dental implant cannot be placed too deep. The angles of placement prevent damage to unseen nerves and sinus cavities.
  • Predictability: Your CT scan allows our doctors to know more about the outcome of your surgery. If you have bone loss or any peculiarities in your mouth, our doctors can give you a realistic expectation of your final result.
  • Efficiency: With all of the guesswork and pre-planning removed from the procedure, you are in the dental chair a fraction of the time!

Dr. George Evans has over 30 years of experience and has completed implant programs at the Brookdale Hospital (NYU) in New York and the MISCH Implant Institute in Michigan. His numerous qualifications make him your ideal dental implant dentist. Please call our office in Randallstown, MD today to schedule your consultation.

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