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Dental Care of Baltimore

5 out of 5 stars based on 62 reviews

Doctor treatment and behavior both very good.. Best treatment provide

- Mayank B

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The entire staff is beyond skilled. I HATE dental work, but everyone makes sure that I’m comfortable, from the time I walked in, all the way out. The office always clean and welcoming.

- Britney J

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- Owens K

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It exceeded my expectations

- Deborah R

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I have been a patient with Dr. Evans for over 30 years. He and his team are excellent. My most recent procedures were performed by Dr. Yee. She is truly skilled in her craft. I especially like the fact that her and I are the same height, short but large and in charge regarding her dental skills. I truly recommend Dr. Evans and his team to anyone in need of highly skilled dental services.

- Renaye B

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Kathy Owens Wyatt

Dental Patient, Smiles, Dr. Evan DDS, Dental ImplantsDear Dr. Evans,

When I was growing up in Baltimore, I was just like so many other kids. I lived in a household where the essentials were important–food, clothing, and shelter. I went to see the doctor when there was a critical need. I can’t ever remember going to see the dentist for anything; not even when, at the age of twelve, I sustained a serious fracture to one of my front teeth. I carried that fractured tooth into my early twenties although I took myself to the University of Maryland Dental School for my first dental examination when I was in the eleventh grade. My purpose for going was to get my tooth fixed before the senior pictures were taken for the yearbook. It took several years and many, many visits to the Dental School and then to a practicing dentist before that fractured tooth was fixed. You see, at the Dental School, they fixed all of the cavities first. Then, they removed teeth that couldn’t be saved. Finally, a dentist is known to both of us long before you entered dental school, fixed that fractured tooth.
I must say that the work that was done all of those decades ago was excellent. It lasted until last year. It was during a regular examination that you suggested that I consider the length of time that had passed since the fillings, bridge, and caps had been placed. I needed to consider that if I wanted to retain as many of my natural teeth as possible and to protect my general health, I would have to allow modern dentistry to assist.

You developed a plan for the restorative work and then you set to work. From September 2009 to January 2010, you worked to provide the most natural-looking teeth ever! I have porcelain crowns that look just like my natural teeth. I have received compliments from family and friends and from one of your colleagues. One of your periodontal colleagues said, “Dr. Evans does beautiful crowns.” One of my friends said that she pays particular attention to people’s teeth. She said, “Your teeth are beautiful. Your dentist is great.” My ten-year-old granddaughter, who notices everything, said, “Nana, your teeth are beautiful.” It is apparent that you created a noticeably beautiful smile.

If anyone finds my high school yearbook picture, it will be noticed that I did not smile so that my teeth showed. Dr. Evans, it is with great pride that I now smile so that my teeth show. I want everyone to see the exemplary work that you have done. I am most appreciative and respectful of your skill and expertise. The University of Maryland School of Dentistry must know that the mold was broken when you completed your studies there.

I will continue to refer friends and family to your practice; and, I will do it with a smile.

Very truly yours,

Kathy Owens Wyatt

Adrienne Banfield-Jones

Dental Patient, Smiles, Dr. Evan DDS, Dental ImplantsI was one of those patients who was pretty fearful of any dental appointment. That is until I started coming to Dr. Evans at Dental Care of Baltimore. Dr. Evans is highly skilled and trained, with the latest equipment and techniques along with a team of skilled dental assistants, hygienists and office staff. He has a “no pain” policy and that works great in alleviating my fears. He has had my complete trust and confidence for over twenty years. I had a bonding repair that Dr. Evans performed over 15 years ago. Mind you that bonding was supposed to last for only about five years so when I recently noticed unevenness in my front teeth I realized the bonding was finally starting to wear. Dr. Evans suggested veneers to enhance my smile.

At first the cost was overwhelming but Dr. Evans took time to go over the benefits of veneers. He mailed pictures of my smile then and a simulation of what I would look like with veneers. Needless to say, I was immediately sold. What a difference! The staff helped guide me toward an affordable payment plan and we got things rolling within a couple of weeks. The process was easy and of course, pain free. My teeth were prepped and temporary veneers placed. Approximately 2 weeks later, I returned for my final placement and walked out with a gleaming smile. The change is so natural and subtle, most people think I‘ve had my teeth whitened. Some can tell something has changed about my appearance but can’t quite figure out what it is! I couldn’t be happier with my new look.

Thank you again, Dr. Evans.

Your client for a lifetime,

Adrienne Banfield-Jones

Joelle A. Abke, M.A., CCC-SLP/L

Speech-Language Pathologist

ABC Communications

“I came to Dr. George Evans after finding his name on the Las Vegas Institutes site. This is a site that is known for its research and knowledge on temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) problems. Dr. Evans was one of three consults I went to in hopes of finding a solution to my TMJ problems. I was extremely particular in my decision of who to receive treatment from due to the fact that I have a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and being able to communicate clearly without pain was crucial to my profession. I decided to seek Dr. Evans professional help due to the fact that he had the necessary equipment in-house to diagnose and treat TMJ.

Another determining factor was that he also had TMJ problems and had undergone the same procedures he recommended for me. During my first consult with Dr. Evans I completed a survey rating my problems related to TMJ. My score was 45. At a follow-up appointment my score decreased to 15. At my last appointment my score was 6. As you can see my improvements have been drastic. When I first came to seek treatment I was experiencing headaches, jaw popping and clicking, facial and neck tension, back pains, tingling in my hands and fingers, etc. Now I am almost symptom free.

You may ask how I know this is a result from the treatment I received. My course of treatment involved going from a fixed orthotic to a removable orthotic (not a recommended course of action but something I needed to do). When I went in to get more impressions between my fixed and removable orthotic, while in the dental chair, most of my symptoms came back instantaneously. I had jaw popping, clicking, an extreme headache, pain, etc. This was all within a matter of minutes of taking off the fixed orthotic. I couldn’t believe how quickly I reverted back to the TMJ problems. Upon leaving the office with a temporary fixed orthotic (until my removable was ready) I was symptom free again.

Dr. Evans and his techniques that he has been trained in have definitely made a huge impact in my professional and everyday life. I would like to thank him and his helpful staff for being supportive and friendly throughout the treatment process. My next battle is to deal with the insurance companies to try and convince them that this treatment is NOT cosmetic and definitely impacts my life!”


Joelle A. Abke, M.A., CCC-SLP/L

Speech-Language Pathologist

ABC Communications

The Honorable Lynn K. Stewart

Judge, Circuit Court for Baltimore City

I was referred to Dr. Evans because I was experiencing headaches and neck pain due to TMJ problems. The treatment he prescribed relieved me of the pain and totally changed my appearance. Now, I am able to smile and laugh with confidence and without any discomfort. I am not sure if I am more pleased with the results of my treatment or with the pleasant, professional care that I received during each visit to Dental Care of Baltimore.

Annette Brown

Dr. Evans,

Thank God for you! Since I have been in your care as a recipient of such superb dental services, my life has never been the same. In fact, I never realized how much I was not smiling or even had half smiles. Since, my extreme makeover, I find myself looking for opportunities to smile. People look at me and wonder what’s different about you? Some ask. My simple response is “look what the Lord has done!” Then I go on to tell of the miracle that God performed using you – Dr. Evans. My life and my smile have not been the same. I also share with people the expense of having to have such great work done. But I also share that it is one of the best investments I have made in my life. It is life changing.

I feel like a new woman. I never realized how much I was missing because I was not smiling. I feel more happy and excited. At 46-years old, I have come to learn how important a smile is – a pretty smile that is. As I tell people who ask me – IT IS ONE OF THE BEST INVESTMENTS OF MY LIFE. It was worth every penny. And if I had to do it again, I would – even sooner. I am so glad that God sent the team of people from Dental Care to my life – Brandie Jones, Bettie Jones, Nicole Johnson, Drenna Williams and the doctor himself, Dr. Evans. From the client care services to the cleaning to the final production of the perfect picture smile – I say, again, it was worth every penny. DENTAL CARE OF BALTIMORE – YOU ARE THE BEST! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To God be all the glory! Great things He has done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! through you!

Jim Marthinuss

Dental Patient, Smiles, Dr. Evan DDS, Dental Implants

Dr. Evans explained the options and process to correct my biting, grinding, loss of several teeth. The state of the art process was a total restoration of my teeth that took over 6 months but the rewards far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Evans showed his professionalism and personal touch to be superior during the process. He corrected all my problems of biting and grinding but also I improved my overall facial appearance. Thanks to Dr. Evans my mouth is back to being functional and my face looks younger.

Earl Jenkins

I’d just like to say that my association with Dental Care of Baltimore has been very rewarding. I have received quality care for my dental needs and have found Dr. Evans and his staff to be most professional in their delivery of service. The ease with which they serve their clients has impressed me so much that when a visit to the dentist’s office is scheduled, I look forward to the friendly atmosphere and positive customer service rendered by Dr. Evans. Finally, I have recommended to friends and family members the excellent service that Dr. Evans takes in promoting your smile your health and your life.

Teresa Bazemore

Dr. Evans,

I had the opportunity to visit your office today Feb. 10, 2005 at 1:45pm. I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how well I enjoyed my experience at your office.

Starting at the front desk, your staff was very polite, professional, and friendly. The latest technology that you have at your office is centered on providing exceptional service for your patients. The pre-packet sent to my home was very informative and in easy to understand language. The dental hygienist that provided services today was professional, patient, and her presentation was educational.

The time and effort you and your staff took to bring this experience to the patient is very well appreciated. The times that we now live in has changed from previous decades. So few businesses take the time and effort to go the extra yard. But your skills have preceded you with a high recommendation, and I must say it is well deserved. This is why I am taking the time to say Thank You, for taking the time to go the extra yard for your patients.

I also know that good leadership starts at the top and it is easy to see that this is true in this situation. Your efforts shine like a shining star.

In Appreciation,

Teresa Bazemore

Cynthia Evans

I am so grateful to Dr. George Evans for the cosmetic dentistry I received over a year ago. I was skeptical at first. However, Dr. Evans explained the process thoroughly, and provided professional, yet, personal care. I am glad that Dr. Evans gave me such a winning smile. In addition, I no longer relay on superficial whitening agents. With the help of Dr. Evans, my teeth remain white and healthy. Thank you, Dr. Evans, for making my life more complete with the best smile ever!

Dwayne Robinson

Until my experience with Dr. George Evans of Dental Care of Baltimore, my childhood memories of painful dentist visits and drilling sounds on my teeth kept me away from the dentist as an adult. Consequently, the health of my teeth was quite neglected and I had become quite uncomfortable with the yellowing and obvious flaws. In my role as President/CEO of an IT Services company, I am often meeting with clients, employees, and involved in presentations. My attire, grooming, and smile are critically important to my confidence level and my ability to function comfortably in my role.

As a patient, I found the operation that Dr. Evans runs at Dental Care of Baltimore a godsend. The process from scheduling to treatment is extremely well organized and Dr. Evans and his staff of technicians have devised tactics to address all of the concerns of the fearful patient. The massaging chairs, music via headphones, and particular attention to a pain-free experience is just outstanding! Their dental technology is state-of-the-art and the professionalism of the entire staff is unmatched in my experience.

Today, my confidence level is high and smile is bright white! I was so pleased with the dental hygienic work to restore my teeth and gums to a healthy state that I decided to get cosmetic work done. The skilled technique of Dr. Evans, along with porcelain veneers has created a perfect natural smile for my face.

Joy Howard

Dental Patient, Smiles, Dr. Evan DDS, Dental Implants
Porcelain veneers has changed my life incredibly, therefore I can smile with confidence. I’m no longer embarrassed to speak to groups of people or smile in family photos. Having a smile makeover has raised my self-esteem level to an all time high. Words can’t explain the noticeable improvement that I have with my new smile as a result, I smile all the time. My only regret is I wish I had done it sooner. Dr. Evans and his staff at Dental Care of Baltimore did an outstanding job in making me feel confident and comfortable with their expertise in cosmetic dentistry.

Leah Bouldin

Dental Patient, Smiles, Dr. Evan DDS, Dental Implants
This message is to let everyone know how warm of a feeling you get when you walk into the dental office of Dr. George Evans. Even though you know you are about to experience some discomfort, the warm greetings from the staff and the atmosphere of the office makes it less painful. I am very glad and happy I found Dr. Evans office and met all the staff. This is the most comfortable dental office I have ever encountered. Everyone is friendly and warm and make you feel like you are part of the family. Thank you, Dr. Evans and staff.